Latino Review's "Exclusive" Review of the TANT Script

Today, Latino Review posted an "exclusive" review of the scrapped TANT script (the parenthesis is because the story isn't all that exclusive), and made a video summarizing the story.

While I disagree with the assertion that the first half of the script was good, I do agree with the review saying that the script was crappy. And yes, LR is right; we all need to be very vocal about this. We need to send Hollywood a message that it's too late; it's too late trying to rewrite history, and it's too late trying to change people's minds.

I hope the lawyers don't get their panties in a twist and demand that you take your video down, Latino Review. Evidently, you infringe a copyright anytime you talk about something Bay/TANT-related.

And a big thank you to all of you who have been vehemently vocal after reading what used to be on this site. It makes this fight all the more worth fighting for.


  1. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8485182/1/Teenage-Mutant-Ninja-Turtles-Bay-sucks

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  3. The link doesn't work the date should be the 30th.

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