Brave Little Toaster: Live-Action Remake

This really has nothing to do with TMNT, as a whole. However, it does have to do with taking every single animated film imaginable, and remaking them in 3D to sell to children.

Waterman Entertainment, the people behind the live-action adaptations of Casper, Stuart Little and Alvin and the Chipmunks, are planning a live-action reboot of The Brave Little Toaster. The Brave Little Toaster, arguably, wasn't too much of a household name; while it garnered popularity, you'd probably still find people in their 20's who've never heard of it. So, why this movie? You might as well make a CG remake of The Land Before Time; at least that did well in the box office at its initial release. Now, I'm not knocking The Brave Little Toaster at all, I'm just commenting on the randomness of this endeavor. That, and with the mention of "modernizing" the talking electronics in this movie, I doubt this will ever see a theatrical release. Just look at The Christmas Story "sequel" (sequel is in quotations because if it's made almost 30 years later, but still takes place in the same period of time as the first, then it's not a sequel; it's a waste of time). Just like that movie, it wreaks of direct-to-DVD.