Michael Bay: King of the Trolls

Earlier today, Michael Bay released a very small and vague statement:

TMNT: We Are Bringing Megan Fox Back Into The Family

Michael Bay

At that moment, the Interwebz blew up with, "OH EM GEE!!! MICHAEL BAY CASTEDED MEGAN FOX AS APRIL!!!" And even Variety elaborated with an uncited and incredibly shaky story revolving around the post.

First off, this is even assuming that the production was put back online. The production closed; the only thing that has said otherwise was a small, uncited tweet saying when filming was going to start. Mortal Kombat fans will remember that this kind of thing used to happen all the time, and nothing that they described ever happened (thank God, because Threshold sucks).

But, for the sake of argument, let's say it did go back on schedule. Who's to say that he actually casted Megan Fox? Maybe he's trying to cast her, and is incredibly confident that he'll be able to get it done. And if he did cast her, what says she's gonna be April? Because she's the female lead? Since when is Michael Bay not above creating new characters that don't belong in the property? He could have made Shredder into a female; who's to say when it comes to Michael Bay?

People are reading way too much into this, and a part of me feels like that was Bay's intention. We all know Bay isn't above lying, like when he claimed he wasn't involved in a certain script that got leaked, when all evidence suggested otherwise. This has caused me to name Bay as King of the Trolls. Not just because of his online talking habits, but also because of his career. He pulls one over on the general public, gets paid for it, and laughs his way to his next trolling opportunity.

What's sadder is that people are buying this nonsense. You post something on a website with no proof whatsoever, and people believe it without question. I guess all I'm trying to say is, I am Michael Bay, and you've all been falling for this beautifully. Honestly, where do you think I got the leaked script from? I actually almost got in trouble for that, just so you know. Thank you for giving me all the ideas I need to actually make a better TMNT story (can you say "robot augmentations"?) and ammo for any of your ridiculous criticisms when it comes out. And for the last time, WAIT FOR THE MOVIE! Trust me, you'll love it!


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  1. Kind of sad how these blockbuster companies can't even write a screenplay anymore.